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From a young age, I sensed an innate ability to tune into the unseen forces around us, leading me to explore various spiritual paths. My journey into the realms of intuition began in my youth and expanded when I was introduced  to tarot. This pivotal experience unveiled the profound impact that intuitive arts could have on understanding and shaping one’s life path. Eager to dive deeper, I spent the subsequent years mastering not only tarot but also the principles of manifestation and clairvoyance. Transitioning from a corporate job, I embraced my true passion, becoming a professional life coach. This career shift marked my commitment to helping others achieve self-awareness and fulfillment through personal connection and guidance.

In the early stages of my coaching career, I focused on one-on-one sessions, assisting clients with personal and professional challenges. As I honed my skills, my reputation grew, leading to opportunities to speak at workshops and seminars. These speaking engagements allowed me to share my knowledge of manifesting and clairvoyance with larger audiences, further solidifying my belief in the universal applicability of these tools. Each event not only fueled my passion but also encouraged me to develop my methodologies further.

Today, my career is a testament to the power of embracing one’s passions and the transformative impact of living authentically. I envision sharing my journey and insights through a book, aiming to provide a tangible resource for those seeking practical spirituality and self-empowerment. My life is a continuous cycle of learning, sharing, and growing, dedicated to elevating the lives of everyone I encounter, blending the artistry of music with the precision of intuitive guidance.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”


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